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Everything You Need to Know about R.J. Craddock and her Novels

Found a typo? Tell us about it!

The editing process of a book is very rigorous. Several kinds of editors go through it line by line, word by word... yet mistakes still slip through the cracks. Don't be shy about letting us know if you discover these errant errors. You will be doing us a favor! Thank you. 

Pirating Books Hurts Everyone!

When someone copies an authors book and shares it on a free book site, it not only hurts the author but other readers as well. Authors work very hard to craft their tales. This process sometimes takes years to complete. If an author can't make enough profit from their sales they might get discouraged and stop writing all together. If you want to continue reading please don't pirate books. Be cautious of free book sites, many of them do not have permission from the author or publisher to have their content. If you suspect a book is being given away for free with out the authors consent, please contact that author and report the site. 

Press Kit for The Forsaken and The Offspring

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