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R.J. Craddock, The Woman Behind The Words.

Born Ruth Jerraisetti Harris in Oka Tamuning, Guam, Ruth is the youngest of eight children. As a young girl she began telling stories, developing unique characters, and conjuring fantastical worlds in her mind. As she grew older, a thirst for reading overcame her and she devoured all kinds of books, finding kindred spirits in classic novelists such as Dickens, Bronte, and Fitzgerald. She started writing her first novel at age eleven. After high school she attended the Art Institute of Phoenix to pursue her other great passion: Art. Ruth now lives with her husband their four sons and baby girl in Texas.

Her debut novel was The Forsaken (The Thirteen Tribes of Cain series) Since then she has released two squeals   The Offspring (Book Two) and The Decree (Book Three). She has also released two titles, What's So Pretty About Pink? and What's So Beautiful About Blue? as a part of  the children's picture books, The ColorKids.  You can follow or like her at her Blog, Facebook Twitter Instagram or sign up for The Tribe Proclamation mailing list for more up to date info of her future releases.

Books and Written Works of Author R.J. Craddock

Every Witch needs a familar. This is mine - my digital Mistica Bula

Witches have long been associated with a familiar, which is believed to be anything from a demon that aids them in magic to an animal spirit guide to a companion that can be animalistic or humanoid. This concept will come into play in book four of The Thirteen Tribes of Cain series. The most common form of a Witches' familiar is the iconic black cat. Although I'm not a Witch or Wiccan, I did have a black cat named Mistica Bula for fourteen years. Here she is below, R.I.P. Misty!

The Real Mistica-Bula

2001 - 2015

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